• Action gun by pre-loaded pneumatic air cylinder (PCP)
This pressure gun works exclusively with COMPRESSED AIR. Never use GAS of any kind.
• Magazine capacity: 8 pellets
• Security lock: Manual
• Mechanism: Single action and double repetition action
• Air cylinder with a volume of 450 ml (450 cc)
• Maximum Working Pressure: 225 BAR (3260 psi)
• Minimum Working Pressure: 75 BAR (1125 psi)
• Aim: Adjustable rear sight and fixed front sight.
• Removable Picattiny rail that allows the use of a scope or holographic sight.
• Autonomy by reservoir (approximate): 80 shots in double action and 64 shots in single action.
• Built-in pressure manometer that makes it possible to read the pressure of the cylinder.
Aluminum body and air cylinder with anodized finish.
Nylon fiber stock (Monte Carlo type) with rubber sill.
High precision riveted barrel with oxidized finish.