This product line honours its name from the operation of 4 brave Navy SEALs who ventured in the territories of Kunar (Afghanistan). Three of them sacrified their lives for the sake of liberty and became living legends, example of honor and sacrifice.
This rifle product line takes its name from an operation of DEVGRU members, as North American Special Ops, who assaulted and took out the main objective in Abbottabad (Pakistan) against the war of terror declared by the United States after 9-11.
This rifle product line takes its name from the operation in which North American troops, mainly Marines, entered Kuwait to free them from the Iraki invasion. A war for oil and freedom of the people, which became the prologue of a later invasion of Irak.
This rifle product line takes its name from the Operation Freedom's Sentinel of the U.S. government for the mission succeeding Operation Enduring Freedom in continuation of the War in Afghanistan as part of the larger Global War on Terrorism.
Operation Desert Thunder was a response to threats by Iraq's president Saddam Hussein. The United States led a coalition of countries in a quick and violent response to what they called in Iraq "the mother of all battles." The LMG THUNDER has the honor of being named after this conflict.
Valiant Guardian owes its name to the operation carried out by 4,000 US Marines in Iraq, an operation that surprised by its effectiveness in dismantling more than 250 enemy positions. Guardian is a pistol that inherits these qualities in honor of one of the USMC's most successful operations. Semper fidelis.